Our Dark Duet


Read: 08/14/2017-08/23/2017

I had been waiting for the sequel to This Savage Song for so long. I told myself to enjoy the book and not rush through it like I wanted to. So I took my time waiting to write this review as well because I wanted to make sure I did it justice.

Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab picks up a little while after the ending of This Savage Song. Kate is in a new city trying to move on from her past while August is still in Verity fighting monsters every day, both figuratively and literally. When an event happens that brings Kate back to Verity she must work with August again to stop a monster that is worse than any of them have seen before.

I want to start by saying that I absolutely loved both characters in the first book and that did not change in the second book. Both August and Kate got to explore the darker sides of their personalities and it was great. It didn’t feel like they were different characters (which can sometimes happen when authors have characters either go darker or lighter). Kate gave off some serious Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibes and I loved it. I could have read an entire book on Kate hunting monsters. We also got to see a more sensitive side to Kate this time.

The plot was not quite as grabbing as the first book. It took a little while for the action to pick up but once it did I was not let down. There was so much going on from different perspectives but never once did it feel like too much. There were also a few new characters introduced in this book and they were all done so well. They fit in perfectly with the plot line. Whenever I love a book so much I am usually pretty judgemental about new characters in the sequels. In this case the new characters won me over pretty well.

I am going to talk about the ending of the book without really talking about it. Which means I will tell you my feelings about it but not actually say what happens. I felt the ending was very fitting. I can see if some people hate it but I really loved it. It went with the story and I felt like the events that happened needed to happen to really bring closure. It was sad and happy and perfect all at the same time.

Overall, this book was amazing. The first one will always hold a special place in my heart but this sequel did a great job at following up such a masterpiece.

Rating: 10/10

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