Heir of Fire


Read: 05/20-05/29

Once again I advise you to not read this review if you are avoiding spoilers for the previous book. This book series has so many twists and turns with big reveals around every corner. It is very hard to get into my thoughts on the book without giving something away. Especially after the cliff hanger of an ending from the previous book. I do my best not to give away anything for this book specifically but I can’t promise about the previous two books in the series.

Heir of Fire is the third book in the series by Sarah J Mass and once again it picks up a little while after the conclusion of the second book. Celaena’s past has been revealed and she is now on her way to facing the skeletons she has kept hidden in her closet. Meanwhile, the king has begun building a dark army in the mountains that are a threat to not only the rest of the kingdom but the rest of the world. Chaol and Dorian must do their best to protect their kingdom and Celaena must overcome her inner demons if she wants to save her future.

The plot of this book moved much slower than the first too. This book was almost 600 pages long and it certainly felt like it. There were points where I want to shake the characters and tell them to get on with it. One thing that made up for the slow plot was that a lot of the secrets were revealed. In the first two books we got to know a lot about Celaena and who she is now, but in this book we got to know who she had been before her kingdom was destroyed and she became an assassin. Celaena’s past has always been a mystery in the series so it was nice to learn more about it. I can only hope that as the series continues we get more information into how Celaena became who she was.

Another part that helped was the introduction of new characters. Specifically Manon, one of the Ironteeth witches. We got a brief look into the culture of the Ironteeth witches in the second book but this time we got even more information. Manon is the heir to the Blackbeak clan which makes her a pretty ruthless character. This three different clans were all summoned to learn to fly the Wyverns by the King of Adarlan. I appreciated getting to know more about the king’s plan. The good thing about third person point-of-view books is that you get to dip into a lot of different characters perspectives.

I also appreciated that Chaol’s story and Dorain’s story got expanded more. In the first two books they served more as background characters for Celaena but now that she is gone their stories got to be developed more. Having the characters all spread out allowed for the smaller characters to grow and it really did help the story.

The ending of this book did not have as big of a cliff hanger as the rest but it definitely left some loose ends. This book felt like it was setting up the rest of the series. While I did not feel it was as exciting as the previous two I know that the next few books are going be action packed based on what was being set up in this book.

Rating: 9/10

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