Luckiest Girl Alive


Read: 03/29-04/03

This was a book I had pointed out to my mom when it had first come out because it looked like something she would like. Fast forward a couple years and I had heard so much about it from friends that I decided to give it at chance. Based on the description I wasn’t entirely sure what it was about so I ended up being pleasantly surprised by the book.

Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll is follows the story of Ani FaNelli from her time in high school to her life years later. In high school she was often the victim of taunting and bullying. This all lead to an infamous event that would follow her around for the rest of her life. Years later she has a glamorous job at a magazine and is engaged to a wealthy man. She is finally on her way to living the life she always dreamed of. But she is hiding secrets in her past that are being brought back to light with the anniversary of the event.

The book flashes back and forth between Ani’s past and present. I enjoyed that part of the book because it was interesting to see how much she had and hadn’t changed over the years. The flash backs are leading up to the big event that has made Ani’s name famous. They don’t our right say what it was but to me it was pretty obvious what the options were. How it all went down and what lead up to it wasn’t but the actual event didn’t come as a surprise to me.

This book wasn’t what I had expected it to be. I thought it would be about a girl who did something evil in her past and was trying to keep it hidden. Instead it was about a girl who had lots of horrible things happen in her past that she was trying to keep out of her future. Watching her struggle through trying to come to terms with what happened to her as a teenager was intriguing because it is not often you get inside the minds of people that experience that kind of thing.

Spoiler alert time!!






During her time in high school Ani was picked on by a group of popular kids including some boys. One night those boys invited Ani over where she proceeded to get very drunk. They then each took advantage of her in different ways. For years Ani did not want to talk about what happened to her. She was told that is what happened to girls like her and girls who did that. Finally at the end of the book she realized that what had happened to her was not her fault and that it was rape.

This type of topic in a book is really important because there are people out there who have had that happen to them before and do not know how to handle it. They may be thinking the same thing Ani thought for years. When I read the Author’s Note at the end Knoll mentioned how she had been raped before but she didn’t tell people when her book first came out until she started meeting rape survivors at her book signings. That was really inspiring to me because it shows that her book was making an impact. These types of things need to be discussed about so that other women know they are not alone.






Spoiler alert over.

Overall, this book really surprised. It was the complete opposite of what I had expected it to be and even went into deeper topics than I thought.


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