Witches of East End


Read: 03/26-03/29

After reading several dark and suspenseful books I decided to make a change in the genre I was reading. So I switched it up and went with a fantasy novel. I had high expectations for this book because I enjoyed the TV show so much. I know I should learn to not compare books to their movie or TV shows. Typically the book is better so I assumed if the TV show was so good then the book would be even better.

Witches of East End is about three women who are hiding their secret magical abilities from the small town of East End. Joanna and her two daughters, Freya and Ingrid, have been banished from their magical realm and banned from using their magic. But they have grown tired of not practicing their magic so slowly they begin to start using it again. Then Joanna is accused of murder and their magic starts to reap havoc in their lives again. They must race against the clock to find out who is behind the dark magic invading their town.

From the start the book did not develop the characters at all. Even when I was well over halfway through the book I still did not feel connected to the characters. This is a problem for me with books because if I can’t connect to the characters then I don’t care what happens to them. That is exactly what happened with this book. None of the characters were developed so I didn’t really care if they lived or died. I also didn’t find myself believing the relationships that were happening. Everything felt forced.

The plot also barely moved. It picked up and got interesting right at the end. Then it dropped this bombshell that basically changed the entire book. It didn’t feel like the rest of the book had lead up to that moment. I should have learned from the first time I had read one of this author’s books. You can see that review from further back (The Ring and the Crown) and you will see that I was not impressed at all by that book. I had decided to give her another chance by reading one of her adult fiction novels but it turns out it was just as bad. There was so much potential for this book to be good but it all fell flat. The only saving grace was that the ending left the sequels open to better stories.

Rating: 4/10

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