Girls on Fire


Read: 03/21-03/26

I had my eye on this book when it first came out but it was one I decided to wait to get it until it was in paperback. Well once that book hit the “New in Paperback” display I grabbed it up. I was on a suspense and twisted binge with my books so it fit right in with the previous books I had been reading.

Girls on Fire by Robin Wasserman is about good girl Hannah (Dex) and her friendship with a bad girl named Lacey. The two instantly become best friends, their friendship almost taking an obsessive tone. Lacey introduces Hannah to dark side of their town as Kurt Cobain and satanic rituals take their small community by storm. But Lacey is hiding things in her past from Hannah. Things that could lead them down an even darker path.

The writing style of this book was really interesting. Robin Wasserman is one of those authors that have a very poetic way of writing. Sometimes it can get annoying if an author over does it. I think she teetered on the edge of overdoing it. The story line fit with the poetic writing. There was this whimsical aspect to the story that made the poetic and descriptive writing work really well.

As for the characters I did not like Lacey. She was a horrible friend to Hannah and a horrible influence. She lead her down this terrible path and didn’t blink once as she practically ruined Hannah’s life. No matter what she did Hannah stood by her and it frustrated me to no end. Near the end of the book Hannah was starting to stand up for herself and it made me happy. I was finally seeing some strength in this timid character. But by the end of the book it disappeared. There was such a good opportunity for character development and it was missed in my opinion.

This is a fairly short review because I didn’t really have much to say on this book. I thought it would be one of those books that stuck with me and stayed in my mind but it ended up not really leaving a mark.

Rating: 6/10

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