Big Little Lies


Read: 02/28-03/03

Once again I was the person who decided to read a book because it was going to be a movie/television show. I also bought the tv show cover which some people consider a big no-no. But I say as long as books are being bought and read it doesn’t matter why you choose to read them or what the cover looks like! Just keep on reading on!

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty follows the lives of multiple moms in a small town in Australia. Each of the moms has at least one kid who is starting kidnergarten at the school. Madeline and Celeste have been friends for a while now and when a new young mom, Jane, shows up they quickly take her under their wings to help her navigate the tricky waters of kindergarten parents. However, on the first day of school their is an incident where Jane’s son Ziggy is blamed. The events that follow lead to an event that will impact everyone’s lives.

The books starts out at a “Trivia Night” which is an evening where the parents dress up according to the theme (this time it was Audrey and Elvis) and drink and raise money for the school. However, that particular trivia night ends with the cops being called. The book then jumps back and forth between the events leading up to the trivia night and the police interviews afterwards. This jumping back and forth is something I have seen authors do a lot in their mystery books. It tends to either work really well or not at all. Luckily for this book it worked really well. Liane Moriarty did not give away too much when she was jump to the present time of the books. In fact most of the time it was barely a page worth of information. Because of this she only gave you enough to slowly begin to piece together the clues but then the ending comes before you have it all figured out. The ending was a still a surprise to me and that is all I will say on the ending. I don’t want to give too much away.

I loved getting to know the three different moms. They were each so different but similar at the same time. All three of them cared deeply for their kids and would do anything to keep them safe. As women they were all different. Each had their own troubles and fears they dealt with. I liked being able to explore the different marriages and lives of the women because everyone is different. One thing that I really liked seeing was Celeste’s point of view. She struggles with something that is more common then it should be. I think Liane Moriarty did a good job of writing her story line. It wasn’t just a plot device, it was a tool to help other women out there in a similar situation.

Overall, this book was different than I had expected it to be. It had some dark aspects but not in the way I had imagined.

Rating: 10/10

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