The Raven Boys


Read: 02/18-02/20

I had heard of this book before. During all my time working at a bookstore and visiting various bookstores I had seen it on shelves. I always just passed it by without a second thought. I never even imagined myself picking the book up off the shelf. However, one of my best friends read this book and she said it was amazing. Suddenly it was on my radar. Then we found out that the author would be attending a book festival that we were going to. Now the book jumped up to the top of my list. Boy am I glad it did.

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater is about a teenage girl named Blue Sargent who lives in a house full of psychics but is not psychic herself. Blue has been told her whole life that when she kissed her true love he would die. Every year Blue and her mother go to a spot on the corpse road where they watch the spirits of those in town who will die within the next year. And every year Blue never sees these spirits. Instead she just writes down their names as her mother gets them. This year though Blue sees a spirit and is told that means she is either the one to kill or he is her true love. His name is Gansy and he is a rich student at Aglionby. Gansy and three of his closest friends, Adam, Ronan, and Noah, are on the hunt for a dead Welsh king. Blue finds herself slowly being drawn into the mystery behind the king and the boys themselves.

I will start by saying that I loved pretty much everything about this book. The plot was so intriguing and different that I was drawn in right away by it. I needed to know everything. I had no background knowledge about this book except that my friend loved it. So from the beginning everything about the book was surprising to me. I wish I had known more about it earlier on because I would have read the book sooner. I really enjoyed reading about the psychic readings and tarot cards. That was a subject area I did not know a lot about so it was really interesting to read those scenes.

The writing style of the book was so amazing. Stiefvater would have paragraphs of just beautifully written descriptions and then suddenly you’d be reading some of the funniest dialogue. She was able to master both a poetic writing style and a humorous writing style. There would be sentences that just hit me right in my heart because they were so heartbreaking or wonderful. Then I would read the dialogue and fall in love with the characters because they would be so funny.

The characters were all absolutely amazing. I would think I had a favorite and then I would read the next chapter and fall in love with that character. This trend continued throughout the whole book (even the whole series). Stiefvater created characters that were somehow both a stereotype and not a stereotype at the same time.

Like I said everything about this book was amazing. More importantly I would like to say that I was firmly Team Adam during this book. This will be more important as I review the next three books in the story.

Rating: 10/10

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