The Dream Thieves


Read: 02/20-02/21

So as you all know I am typically not that good at finishing series. I’ll usually finish the first book and then don’t get to the rest for a while. Well let’s call in my new years resolution or something but I have been better at that since the start of 2017. So much so that before I had even finished The Raven Boys I had already gone to the bookstore and picked up the sequel so I had it ready to go.

The Dream Thieves picks up a little bit after the conclusion of the first book. At the end of The Raven Boys there was a reveal about Ronan Lynch. A bargain was also made in order to waken the ley lines Now the group must deal with the consequences of their actions while still continuing on their quest for the lost king. However, they are not the only ones on the hunt. Someone has arrived in Henrietta and what he is looking for might be in the possession of the group.

Obviously this description is very vague but as I have said before I do my best to not give away any huge spoilers. The plot for this book was a little slow moving, especially compared to the first book. While I still read the book in a speedy manner I was not as drawn into the story as much as I did in the first book. However, the end of the book had such a good cliffhanger.

One thing I did enjoy about the book was the expansion on Ronan’s back story. He was quite a mysterious character in the first book. That was part of who he was though. He wasn’t a very open person and we never got a lot from his perspective. In the sequel though we get most of the story from his point of view. I liked that it let us into his head without forcing his character to change. Some parts of his storyline were a little weird but overall I liked knowing more about him. His character was one I was the least invested in after the first book but now I cared more about what happened to him.

As far as the “Team Gansy” vs “Team Adam” went by the end of the second book I was definitely leaning more towards Gansy. But I still held on to some hope for Adam. His character had gone through some drastic changes and I wasn’t sure I liked it. More on that in the rest of the reviews though. Stay tuned….

Rating: 10/10

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