Blue Lily, Lily Blue


Read: 02/21-02/22

It is time for the review of the third book. Once again I started this book immediately after finishing the second one. The sequel ended with a cliff hanger that I needed answers to.

Blue Lily, Lily Blue brings us closer to the location of Glendower. At the same time the characters are having to hunt down a certain character that disappeared at the end of the second book (I am doing my best not to give away any spoilers but this is a fairly big plot point for the third book). Meanwhile, the search for Glendower has brought more enemies for Blue and the Raven Boys. Now they are racing not only against time, but against other people.

This was a great continuation of the series. There were so many new expansions on the story lines we were teased with in the sequel. I definitely found myself being more drawn into the plot earlier on in the book than I had for the sequel. This book had turned me 100% Team Gansey by the end. The romantic plot of this book plays a huge role in the overall plot but it is not the focus of the story. This sounds confusing but it works really well actually. As we learned in the first book Blue saw Gansey’s spirit on the ley line. She has also had her future predicted and shown that when she kisses her true love they will die. This is an important plot point but it doesn’t overtake the rest of the story. In fact the romance is not a real focus. When it does show up in this book though it is heartbreakingly wonderful. The scenes with Blue and Gansey together just tugged on my heart-strings.

The two new villains introduced into this book were probably my favorites so far. They were hilarious individually but their relationship together was amazing. You wouldn’t think they would be the ring leaders of the whole thing from the bad guys’ side. Compared to the first two books I definitely enjoyed their perspectives the most.

Overall, this book was a great continuation of the series. It moved the plot along without giving away too much. The ending was pretty rough emotionally so prepare for that when reading this book. It leaves on a pretty good cliff hanger like the rest of the books but there are also some aspects of it that are pretty sad.

Rating: 10/10

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