Trouble Makes a Comeback


Read: 12/15-12/16

So if you go way back to some of my earlier reviews you’ll see a review for a book called Trouble is a Friend of Mine by Stephanie Tromly. If you read that review you’ll see that I really enjoyed it and had my fingers crossed for a sequel. Well folks guess what?! She wrote a sequel. I was so excited when I found out but I had no idea until the week before it was published. Needless to say that during my next book shopping trip that book was at the top of my list.

Trouble Makes a Comeback is the sequel to Trouble is a Friend of Mine and picks up about six months after the events of the first book. Zoe’s life has gotten more normal and she even has friends that don’t get her into crazy hijinks like Digby did. That all changes when Digby shows up on her doorstep.

I really enjoyed this book. I am usually on extremes for sequels to books. I typically end up liking them better than any of the other books in the series (example: The Hunger Games) or I don’t really enjoy them that much (example: The Wrath and the Dawn). This one though I didn’t end up on any extreme of liking or disliking the book. While I did not enjoy it more than the first book it was not a flop. It was still a really good book.

I fell back into the swing of Digby’s wild antics almost as easily as Zoe did. It was easy to pick up this book and get back into the story even after waiting months between books. That is something I sometimes struggle with when I read a book series with too long between the books. I didn’t have that problem with this book. I was able to jump back into the story and enjoy myself.

While the characters all still held true to themselves some of the plot was unbelievably ridiculous that I both loved and hated it. Obviously the things that occur in this book are unrealistic. However, I was still able to enjoy them and not roll my eyes thinking “Yeah right, like that would ever happen.”I think that says something about this author.

Overall, Stephanie Tromly has kept up the excellence in this book series and I eagerly await the next one!

Rating: 9/10



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