My Lady Jane


Read: 12/8-12/15

There was a lot of publicity before the book came out. I was really intrigued by it for two reasons. The first was because it was written by three authors and I wanted to see how well that worked. The second was because I had gone through a phase when I was younger where I read about Ann Boleyn and Lady Jane a lot. So I was excited to see a fantasy historical fiction book about it.

My Lady Jane is written by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, Jodi Meadows. The took the life of Lady Jane and put a magical twist on it. King Edward is sick with “the Affliction” and is told he does not have much longer than 6 months to live. So he marries off his dearest cousin Jane to Gifford Dudley. Unfortunately Gifford is cursed so that during the day he spends his time as a horse and at night as a man. The three must work together when they are drawn into a plot to steal the kingdom.

I really enjoyed this book. It was funny and well done. I did spend the first couple chapters trying to see if I could tell that three different people wrote the book but I was not able to tell a difference. The authors had done a good job of keeping their tone similar. Even though the actual story of Lady Jane is dark and serious this story was very light and humorous. It was a nice twist.

The magical twist to the story was also really interesting. With this addition they had to make changes to the story that veered from what actually happened in history. I think they were really creative in how they did that. I enjoyed not knowing exactly how it was going to end. The only problem with the book was that there was a lot of dissing to red hair and as someone with red hair I have to stand by my fellow red heads.

Overall, this was a fun book that was change of pace from what I had been reading. If you are looking for a light and magical book than this is a great choice. Especially if you love history.

Rating: 10/10

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