Scrappy Little Nobody


Read: 11/25-11/29

So anyone who doesn’t love Anna Kendrick should just stop reading here because you are about to read a blog post on how much I love Anna Kendrick. I was so excited when I found out that she wrote a book because I loved Mindy Kaling’s book and Tina Fey’s book so I had high hopes for this book. It was even better than I could imagine.

Scrappy Little Nobody is a nonfiction book written by Anna Kendrick. It is a collection of stories about her childhood, trials to become an actress, and life after fame. It is a short description but that about covers it for describing the book.

I absolutely loved this book. I didn’t think it was possible to like Anna Kendrick anymore but after finishing the book I do. I felt like her personality came across in this book perfectly. It was funny without feeling like it was forced. I also appreciated that she didn’t try to give advice to people. She is still young enough that she has learning to do and I feel like she owned up to that in the book. Instead she told stories of her biggest accomplishments and funniest failures (I say funniest failures because really makes even her worst stories seem great). That in itself I think is a good way to give out advice. It can remind us not to take ourselves too seriously.

I feel like Anna Kendrick is very relatable. I think anyone who reads this book would be able to find something they can relate to her about. For me it was her love of rules. I also am someone who loves rules. It stresses me out to even drive the wrong way in a parking lot. And it really annoys me when people do it! So reading about her own funny stories about following rules.

Another thing that was also great was that she explained that being in a movie does not necessarily mean you are living it big. She was in the Twilight series and was nominated for an Oscar but she still worried about her finances for the first couple years. She does a good job of reminding readers that not every actor in a movie is Leonard DiCaprio or Jennifer Aniston. But then again she got to go to lunch with Robert Downy Jr. and has been in movies with George Clooney and Ben Affleck.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I didn’t feel like Anna Kendrick was faking her life or stretched the truth to seem down to Earth. I would highly recommend this book to everyone of every age!

Rating: 10/10


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