Read: 9/17-9/23

This is the final book in the Lunar Chronicles series and I had so many mixed feelings about reading it. I was torn between devouring the book and taking my time, enjoying the last few moments I had with these characters that I had really enjoyed. Also the book was over 800 pages long and that was a tad bit daunting. However, I tackled the book. It took me a while to read. I got about halfway through and then I let it sit for about two days before I knocked out the last half of the book in one sitting.

Winter by Marissa Meyer is the conclusion to the Lunar Chronicles series. It introduces us to the newest character, Winter, who is the step-daughter to Queen Levana. Winter is viewed as crazy and odd in the court but also as the most beautiful female on Luna. She is also beloved by many of the citizens which has lead to Queen Levana hating her. Winter’s only companion on Luna is her guard Jacin, who we were introduced to in Cress but did not get a lot of background information on him. Meanwhile, Cinder and her team have come up with a plan to finally take down Queen Levana and save Earth leading ultimately to a showdown on Luna.

What a conclusion! As I mentioned above this book was over 800 pages long but Meyer did not waste any of those pages. While there were times I found myself questioning why she didn’t just end the book at a certain point, I realized why as I read the next chapter. She was tying up loose ends like crazy and making sure everything made sense. It was a satisfying conclusion to a series.

Like the rest of the books before it we got to see more into the universe and this time we got to see Luna. We had gotten a few glimpses throughout the other book but almost the entire book takes place on Luna so this time we get in depth descriptions. It truly was amazing to see where her imagination was able to take her when it came to creating this fictional world. I am extremely impressed with what she created.

Winter and Jacin were not my favorite characters in the series but I do think they played an important role, Winter’s character especially. I don’t want to give away too much but she is a very good Devil’s advocate but also portrays how individuals can be treated when they go against society’s views. She was needed to bring depth and perspective to the heroes of the series and I think Meyer did a good job with her. I would guess that her character was not an easy one to write either.

Overall I was entirely impressed with this last book and the entire series. It definitely a good binge read book and let me tell you, the ending of each book leaves you wanting more. Yes even this last book. You hear that Marissa Meyer?! Can you please write a book that takes place a couple years later?! I need it!

So if you are considering picking up Cinder in the bookstore then I recommend you just buy all four books while you are at. For you enjoyment and for you sanity. Waiting to read the rest of the series for so long was such a silly move. But hey, at least I got to read them all right away and did not have to wait for the latest one to be released.

Rating: 10/10

Series Rating: 10/10


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