So I had been having issues reading series for the past couple…years….but I am proud to say I broke it! For a while I would read the first book in a series and then wouldn’t read the rest, even if I had the rest of the books in the series. I had about 8 books that I had read the first book in the series and hadn’t read the rest. Well I had recently been told the Lunar Chronicles was a fantastic series and I really needed to get my act together (I don’t think it was in quite those words but you get the point). So I decided to pick up Scarlet the sequel to Cinder. I will just say that I finished this book in one day.

This review will be formatted a little different from the rest because I don’t want to give too much away for those of you that want to read this series. I will do my best to not give anything away. I will also do my best to warn of any huge spoilers. But since this is a review of a sequel there may be some spoilers.

Also here is a quick description of the premise of Cinder  and the universe that the Lunar Chronicles series takes place in. It takes place in the distant future, after a third world war, and Earth is finally living in peace. People had inhabited the moon and have been living there for years. The relationship between the Lunars and Earthens have been rough. Now it seems their best effort is to form a marriage alliance between Prince Kai of the Eastern Commenwealth and Queen Levana of Luna. However, a lowly cyborg mechanic named Cinder suddenly becomes aware of something more sinister lurking below the surface.

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer follows the cyborg mechanic, Cinder, immediately after the events of the first book. Along the way she meets Captain Carswell Thorne, who she teams up with to save the galaxy. Meanwhile in France a young girl named Scarlet is curious about the disappearance of her grandmother. While the local police have given up their search Scarlet refuses to let it go. When she meets a mysterious man named Wolf she is reluctant to trust him, but he may have answers about where her grandmother is. As these two pairs go off on their own journeys it leads them on a collision course for each other.

Like I said I was trying not to give too much away about what happens in Cinder so that is why the description is a little vague. It had been, I would guess, a year or so since I had last read Cinder. My brain needed a little refresher but Meyer does a great job of catching the reader up without feeling like you are reading a paragraph about what had happened in the last book. She was able to weave it into the story. I was also instantly reminded what I had loved so much about Cinder.

I had forgotten how much I had enjoyed the way this author writes and this world she has created. It really is a remarkable universe that she has created. It could fit so well into our own world that it was a little eerie at times. In the first book we were confined to one country but in Scarlet we are able to see this world expanded. We see how everything that has happened in the first book is affecting the rest of the world.

I also had forgotten how much I loved the characters in this book. It was made even better that I fell in love with all of the new characters too. Almost instantly actually. Her characters are humorous and brave and courageous but they also have their flaws. They are human, even though they might not be entirely human. I really did grow attached to all of the characters as I read this book.

While I read this book in a day and did really in enjoy it did not move the plot along very quickly for it being a sequel. It was a great way to introduce new characters and show how they are all connected, while confirming some suspicions from the first book at the same time. I did enjoy reading this book and once I had finished I was ready to read more and stay with these characters.

Rating: 10/10


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  1. ruchita. says:

    I loved this book! Great review. 🙂


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