The Infinite Moment of Us


So I have recently gotten my best friend to fall in love with reading again. This is fantastic because shopping for books is always fun when you have a friend with you also shopping for books. So it has almost become a habit of ours to always go to a bookstore and buy new books whenever we go on a trip together. So this book was purchased on one of our trips. I fell in love with the cover and the description sounded like something fun to read. Sometimes you don’t want to read books that make you think too much. Sometimes reading a fun book with a cheesy plot is exactly what you need. That is where this book came in.

The Infinite Moment of Us by Lauren Myracle is the story of Wren and Charlie two recent high school graduates. They had known each other through out high school and Charlie had always had a crush on Wren but he never had the guts to make a move before.  Now that they have graduated he makes his move and suddenly the two are thrust into a whirlwind romance. The only thing standing in their way is their futures that are going down two different paths.

I am just going to put this warning here but there will be sexual content discussed in this review so if that makes you uncomfortable I recommend not reading this review. I am all for young adult books discussing sex but there is a point where it goes too far and I think this book took it too far.

So let’s start with the plot. It was a very basic plot that just scratched the surface of what it wanted to be. I could tell that the author was trying her best to make this book deep and meaningful but she fell short of that. The book was supposed to be about this meaningful first romance that changed these two teenagers lives but instead it focused mainly on their journey to have sex. This story takes place over about three months and it was supposed to be about Wren and Charlie falling in love and making their future plans but instead it was about how much Charlie wanted to sleep with Wren and about Wren being the innocent girl to lose her virginity. It was really disappointing.

I was hoping that this book would be a fun cheesy read and instead I found myself annoyed half the time. The author would skip over the main parts of their relationship and just focus on how much Charlie wanted to have sex with Wren. I am not even kidding. His character had a hard-on for about half of the book. The author mentioned how much time the characters spent together and how much their families liked each other but you never got to see those scenes. Instead the only scenes you got of the two characters were of them making out.

Because of this you barely get to know the characters. Their development is very shallow. All you really get to know about them is that they have the hots for each other. It really is a shame too because Wren’s character is set up perfectly for some great development. Her parents want her to go to the same college they went to and want to control her life. Wren wants to go to Guatemala though and teach English there during a gap year. Wren never fully stands up to her parents though. She just accepts that they will always be upset with her. There was never this scene where Wren stands up for what she believes in. Her parents eventually come around but again it is brushed over so quickly it keeps the book from having any depth.

Unfortunately instead of this book being a cheesy romance for teens to read it is more like a Fifty Shades of Grey for teens. The writing style was so cheap sometimes when the author described things that it really brought the book downhill.

Rating: 2/10