Harry Potter and The Midnight Release Party

I am a pretty big Harry Potter fan. I pretty much have been my whole life. However, I was not the person that read the books as each one came out. Partly because I was too young and partly because I had not really heard about them. When I started reading the books the first four books were out already so I only had to suffer through waiting for books 5-7. Unfortunately though I never got to go to a midnight release party for one of those books (cough cough thanks mom and dad cough cough). When I found out they would be hosting a midnight released party for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child I reacted the way any normal adult would. Instantly began happy dancing. I was finally going to get to go to Harry Potter midnight release party.

There were two Barnes and Noble in my hometown so I had to decide which one to go to. I decided to go to the larger Barnes and Noble because I had worked at that one and one of my friends was heading up everything so I wanted to go support her. The employees there killed it with the decorations throughout the store. Each table was decorated for all the different houses and they were so well done down to the smallest details! Sorry I didn’t get Slytherin pictured. That table was pretty crowded throughout the night.

And I got sorted into Gryffindor. Pretty fitting cause of the red hair. #weasley


They also had an awesome Quidditch game going on with an appearance from the University of Arizona Quidditch Team.


I got to celebrate the night with my best friend too which always makes everything even more fun. We had a good laugh over my shirt matching the photo prop.

My favorite photo opportunity though was this brilliant idea. This definitely called for a mirror selfie.


The staff at this store really did a brilliant job of taking us into the world of Harry Potter in the most creative way. Everyone was dressed up and participating in the fun. They made special drinks for the different houses. They had so many small touches that really completed the night.

It was really cool to be surrounded by fans of this universe. Pretty much everyone there had grown up with Harry Potter so it was cool to celebrate something like this as adults together. There was a costume contest that was just amazing. People really put a lot of work into their outfits and it showed.

Overall it was an amazing night that ended the best way: with a new book.



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