This Savage Song


If I haven’t mentioned it before I have an Instagram account linked to my blog (@fromjensbookshelf) and I follow a ton of different book accounts through it. This is a fantastic way to get book recommendations. This book is just one example of how you can find out about an amazing book through social media. I had seen several account post about this book and I decided to take a look at it the next time I was in a bookstore. I was sold right away and was so glad that I found out about it.

This Savage Song is about two teenagers, Kate Harker and August Flynn, who live in a universe where monsters exist. They live in the city Verity that is divided into two halves: North City and South City. Kate’s father runs North City where people pay for his protection from the monsters. He is a ruthless leader who has taken control over the people and the monsters. August lives in South City where his father is in charge of the Flynn Force Task (FTF) who go out and eliminate the threat of monsters before they emerge. August himself is a monster, a Sunai, who can steal sinner’s souls by playing a song on his violin. August just wants to be as normal as possible. As human as possible. Kate wants to prove to her dad that she can be a ruthless leader just like him. When Kate and August meet they are thrown in the a challenge that neither of them expected to face and both realize there is more to their lives than they thought.

I really liked both Kate and August in this book. Their characters were both so different from each other. While Kate was hard and tough, August was sweet and thoughtful. Together they made the perfect team to get to the bottom of the mystery in Verity. I think of the two Kate’s character was my favorite but there is probably a bias to this fact. So often in books with action the girl is just the side kick to the tough guy. The girl cannot hold own. More recently though in the young adult genre female characters are becoming stronger. Author’s are creating strong female characters. I think Kate is a perfect example as this. Her character is tough and strong and she “don’t need no man.” but that is not all there is too her. As the book goes along you see she has weaknesses and soft side. She shows that if she cares about you she will defend you until the end. I think her character is a great one for girls to look up to. It was kind of nice to see the role reversal.

I also liked that Kate and August didn’t automatically fall in love. There were some hints that maybe there was an attraction there but basically they started as friends. I think as the book series continues we will definitely see their relationship grow and I think developing this growth and giving it the proper amount of time will really make authors connect with them even more.

I really liked the concept behind the monsters and how they come to be. In a nutshell they are formed from violent actions. It took me a little while to understand how exactly the monsters were created but eventually I got it. That was the one problem with book that I had. Understanding the concepts behind the story took a little while. However, once it was clear everything in the book became so much more amazing.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I think everyone needs to go out and read it right now! I think this is going to be the book that sneaks up and tops the charts.

Rating: 9/10


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