So I was that person. I picked out a book because it is going to be a movie. I try not to be that person. I like to be the snobby book lover who says “I read that book before it was even in talks to be a movie.” Unfortunately, that will not be me this time. I will just be that slightly less snobby person who says “I read the book first.” All joking aside this was a book that would probably have stayed hidden on the shelves had it not been for the movie coming out. So in this case I would say reading it because it is going to be a movie is a good thing (PSA: it is not a bad thing to read a book because it is going to be a movie or is a movie as long as you are reading!)

Nerve by Jeanne Ryan is about an online game, called Nerve, where players complete a series dares to win prizes. The main character Vee typically lives life behind the scenes and in the shadows of her best friend Tiffany. Then on a whim she decides to enter Nerve. The judges decide to keep her in the game and pair her up with another player named Ian. As the weekend goes on their dares get more dangerous and their prizes get better leading up to the final round. But will Vee be able to take the risk and win the game or lose everything?

The concept behind this book was so intriguing and that was is what ultimately caught my eye…in the movie trailer. Then I was very excited to find out that it was also a book. I could not wait to get my hands on it. I was a little disappointed in this book though. The plot was a little slow to start. The first couple dares were not that crazy. However, once it got to the crazy dares that is where the excitement started.

Ryan does a great job of making you say to yourself: “One more chapter and then I will go to sleep.” Before you know it, it is 5 chapters later and past midnight. She built the suspense very well so that while the plot was slow at the beginning the suspense was creeping up on you. At some points I was expecting my cell phone to go off with the taunting child’s laugh from the book.

The ending of the book was by far my favorite part. I am not talking about the entire ending. I am talking about literally the last page of the book. In my opinion it was a brilliant ending. Ryan took a note from some really good horror and suspense movies when she wrote the ending of that book. I think I stared at that page with my mouth open for a few seconds before it turned into a smile. If you have read the book let me know what you think of the ending. I really hope the movie stays true to this ending because it is perfect for the story line.

Unfortunately the general ending of the book was not that good. I got very confused at the end because there was a lot going on. I was not quite sure what exactly was happening in the book. I even re-read a couple scenes to try and make sense of it. Then there was a super clean wrap up which bugs me. I was felt feeling a little empty but then that last page made up for it.

The writing in this book was not the best I have seen. It is an young adult book so I was not expecting amazing writing but some of the descriptions in the book were just weird. I think that is one of the reasons I felt a little confused by the ending. The writing was not too clear every time. The romantic subplot was a little strange for me too. The relationship between Ian and Vee did not feel like it was fleshed out enough. They felt so close to being fleshed out and being a deep relationship but for the most part it felt like it was just a shallow relationship that wouldn’t last past the game.

Overall, this book was a fun read. It was definitely an easy read so if you want something to finish in a day or two this is your book!

Rating; 7/10


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