Heir to the Sky


This was a book that I had seen in bookstores for a while. I had always picked it up and looked at it before putting it back on the shelf. Well finally I bit the bullet and bought the book last time I was in a store. This was a fantastic book and even better was a standalone novel. I go through phases where I don’t want to read a book series because I am not ready to commit to multiple books in one storyline. So I was pleased to find out this was not part of a series.

Heir to the Sky by Amanda Sun is about Kali, who is the princess on a floating island. 300 years ago her country had been a part of Earth but the villagers were constantly under attack from monsters. Then one day the Phoenix took pity on them and raised a section of the Earth into the sky where humans had lived peacefully for the past 300 years. Then one day Kali falls off the edge of the floating continent and onto the Earth below. There she meets Griffin, a monster hunter, and learns that humans have survived on Earth. As she tries to get back to the floating continent she realizes that everything she thought she knew about her home may not be true.

I really enjoyed the setting and the creativity behind it. It takes place on Earth but it is not the Earth we know. Imagining a chunk of the Earth lifting into the sky and floating above the planet was fun as I read it. Then the environment of Earth when Kali fell down was just amazing. I was really impressed with the world that this author created. The monsters were so well done as well. She included some typical monsters, such as a dragon or a griffin, and then she created her own monsters. The creativity behind the setting and monsters was one of my favorite parts of the book.

I enjoyed Griffin’s character. He was described as a “rugged monster hunter” in the book description so I was worried his character would be the mean tough guy but instead the author wrote him as a genuinely nice guy. Throughout the book I just felt my heart melt at how sweet and caring he was. I could not think of anyone better to welcome people to a monster-ridden planet. While Griffin’s character was my favorite, Kali’s character was a pretty close second. I think Sun did a good job or developing her character throughout the book that it did not feel like sudden changes of her personality. I am a big stickler for character development and I think it was done well enough for this book.

One thing that I wish there had been more of was a development of Kali and Griffin’s relationship. I really enjoyed both characters individually but together it felt like I was right on the edge of being head over heels for the two of them. They had so many cute moments at the end of the book and I felt left wanting more…and not necessarily a good more but like it was not entirely fleshed out.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. It was a great standalone book for the fantasy category…a category that is typically overrun with series.

Rating: 8/10


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  1. The floating island sounds super cool; wonder if that’ll be a thing on Earth, ever. 😛 Anyways, glad to hear that you liked the book!


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