With Malice


So this was a book I saw into someone’s Instagram account. The cover and title caught my attention so I researched the book and the description sold it. I knew I needed the book. Unfortunately, I had to wait a few days for it to be sold in stores. But you bet your bottom dollar that when that Tuesday came I was at the book store purchasing the book. Fun fact for all you reading this blog new books are typically released on Tuesdays. So if you are looking for newly released books Tuesdays are the day to go to the bookstore. Also Instagram is really a great way to get book recommendations!

With Malice by Eileen Cook is told from the perspective of Jill Charron right after she wakes up in a hospital bed with no idea how she got there. She is then informed that she had been involved in a plane crash while she was on a school trip in Italy. Jill has no memory of the past six weeks so she cannot remember why the car crashed or any of her time in Italy. Then the Italian police show up because Jill’s best friend Simone died in the car accident and they are looking at Jill for murder charges. Jill has to remember what happened and fast before she ends up in an Italian prison.

This is another book that I can’t really go into details of without ruining the whole book but I will hit a couple of things that I really liked.

I really enjoyed the direction the novel took. It was a different take on a young adult mystery/thriller novel.  The way the plot went didn’t quite go out as I thought it would. Which is nice. It is nice to be surprised by the ending of the book. And I loved the ending of this book. It was so twisted in a way that I really enjoyed it. But that is all I will say about the plot.

I really enjoyed the main character as well. She was an unreliable narrator which makes for a great story. You never know what is true and what is just her filling in the blanks. I love unreliable narrators. It just keeps me guessing each page. They also inserted police reports and online blog posts with people who knew Jill talking about her. So you never even knew what was really true about Jill besides how she acted when you read from her perspective.

Also, I felt like Jill was really relatable. I think most people have had a Simone as a friend before or felt like an outcast at one point. It was very easy to put yourself in Jill’s shoes. She was written realistically because she was not perfect. She was a snob and a brat at times but she was also really likeable at other times in the book. She had complexity to her character and was not a stereotype.

One thing I did not like about this book was how much it felt like the author was pushing the cyber bullying angle. It felt a little forced and in your face at some points but she did make some good points about how quickly we jump to conclusions about people we see on the news. I just didn’t like it being so in my face.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. I would definitely recommend it!

Rating: 8/10


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