The End of Everything


I am a big fan of Megan Abbott’s books. Once I read Dare Me I had fallen in love with her writing and was excited to find out that she had more books out there. Her first book though, The End of Everything, was pretty difficult to track down and eventually I had to order it from Amazon (insert gasp from bookstore owners here). But once it arrived in the mail I devoured that book. Well really it took me like a week to read but I enjoyed every second of it.

The End of Everything follows thirteen year old Lizzie right as her best friend Evie disappears. Evie and Lizzie had been friends for their entire lives and were constantly over at each others houses. Lizzie felt like she knew everything about Evie, but once she disappears her best friend’s life changes before her eyes. Suddenly everything was not as magical and perfect as Lizzie believed it to be and maybe Evie didn’t have that picture perfect family Lizzie thought she did.

I love the way Megan Abbott writes. She has a way of making scenes feel dreamlike with the way she writes. It really helps keep you on your toes as you try to unravel the mystery. You aren’t quite sure if what the narrator is experiencing is reliable. Lizzie was a strong main character and I think a great depiction of the changing girls go through from child to teenager. She was complex and stuck in this limbo zone of still wanting to be a child but recognizing that things were changing and she would be starting high school soon. I think Abbott captured that pretty well from a girl’s point of view…all though there were some actions that I didn’t do as a thirteen year old for the most part it was accurate. The end was so perfect too because it ended on a complicated truth. I think it was a realistic ending that fit the situation pretty well.

Even though I liked the ending I was still a little confused by some aspects of it. Not enough to ruin it though just things that I am storing away in case I can meet this author and ask her. Mostly the ending revolving around Evie’s disappearance.

Overall though this book was a good thriller. I would say the perfect summer read.

Rating: 8/10


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