The Crown’s Game


This book was an advanced reader that I got at YALLWEST. Thank goodness for awesome friends who grab an extra ticket for you while you are waiting in line to meet another author (shout out to you ciaomariah!). I was really excited when I got this book. I had vaguely recognized the name but when I saw the cover I had remembered seeing some posts about it. Then when I read the plot I was just itching to read it. It had instantly jumped it’s way to the top of my to be read list.

The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye takes place in Russia in 1825. In this world the tsar can choose to have an Imperial Enchanter by his side as he rules. Whenever the Imperial Enchanter dies the magic goes back into Russia’s wellspring and new enchanter is born. They are then raised and trained to become the next Imperial Enchanter. However, sometimes the magic is split between two babies and there are two enchanters born. When this happens the tsar can iniate The Crown’s Game. It pits the two enchanters against each other to see who is the best. The tsar can choose a winner, the game can decide who the winner is, or one enchanter can kill another. No matter what though only one enchanter is left alive. This book brings history, magic, and romance together to create a compelling story.

I am a sucker for a book with a well done setting and this book had it. Russia in 1825 was perfect. I have never been to Russia and in fact I don’t know much about Russian cities but this author described everything so beautifully that I felt like I was there. I really like the storyline also. I liked the idea of the two enchanters battling it out to see who would be the best. The two main characters, Vika and Nikoli, were both so well done. I couldn’t decide who I wanted to win because I liked both characters. Neither of the characters was perfect. One was not entirely good and the other was not entirely bad. They both did some bad things and they both did some good things. I really liked the ending of the book as well. Immediately after I read it I didn’t think I liked it but after sitting on it for day I realized that I did like it. In my opinion I feel like it could have been left open for a sequel if she decided she wanted to write one but if she decided she didn’t then it is possible she could leave it at that. If you have read the book comment your opinions!

There was a subplot that was a little cheesy but after reading the author’s note at the end of the book I can see why she chose to write it. It didn’t feel like it fit in so much with the story as it did history in general. I also didn’t really like that there wasn’t that much interaction between Vika and Nikoli. I just liked the two characters together so much that I wanted more scenes of them interacting with each other. Which is why I am hoping for a sequel!

Overall, this book was really good! I really enjoyed it.

Rating: 9/10


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  1. You can check out my awesome friend who helped me get a copy of this book on her blog about her adventures in Italy and post-Italy at


  2. ciaomariah says:

    I’m so glad I was able to snag you a ticket for this ARC!! It’s next on my to read list. And meeting Evelyn Skye was so cool!


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