The Crown


This was a book that I had been eagerly anticipating. I bought it the day it came out and finished it in six hours. It was the final book to The Selection series and I needed my closure. Unfortunately, it was not the best type of closure. The Crown by Kiera Cass is the fifth book in The Selection series and is the sequel to The Heir. It takes place years after the events of the first three books do. If you have not read any of the first three books in The Selection series then I recommend not reading this review. While this review will have no spoilers for The Crown it does spoil the first three books. So warning has been issued, read at your own risk.

The Crown continues to follow Eadlyn on her journey through her own Selection. Her parents had had such great success with their own selection that they decided it was in their daughter’s best interest that she has her own. While in the previous book Eadlyn had not wanted to take the process seriously a dramatic turn of events has caused her to have a change of heart. Now she is ready to find someone to marry and rule by her side. However, it does not come as easy as it seems.

One thing I really liked about both The Heir and The Crown was reading about the Selection process from the person running the Selection rather than a participant in the Selection. It is a great perspective to have this young woman faced with several men, one of whom will become her husband (yes, exactly like the Bachelorette). It shed some light on the previous the books to see how difficult it really was for Maxon to make his choice. Eadlyn cares about all of the participants, even the ones she was certain she didn’t want to marry.

Unfortunately there were a lot of things I disliked about this book. The events that happened in the book went by way too fast. There were some huge milestones that were occurring and they were breezed over as if they held no importance. Because of this I felt like the character development did not get done properly. I did not like Eadlyn’s character in the first book. She was a brat but then it was like all of a sudden she was this perfect daughter and wonderful girl. You didn’t get to see her go through this development as much as you would need to for that type of personality change. Which made her in a way still not that likeable. You don’t get the in depth look at what had caused the change so it felt fake. Some of the male participants experience character development as well that was sudden and felt more like a way to just handle their characters instead of actually making those new facts important to the story.

Here is another spoiler warning for this book so if you haven’t read the book yet please skip past this paragraph.




The two characters that this really bugged me about was Ean and Hale. Near the end of the book Eadlyn is facing pressure to hurry and choose a guy so she has to eliminate some soon. It is then revealed to her that Hale is gay and has been secretly seeing Ean during the Selection process. Both guys were afraid they would be murdered for treason since dating someone other than the person running the Selection is against the rules. I am all for diversity and LGBT characters in young adult books because I think it impacts the younger generation greatly but this just felt so poorly done and it really frustrated me. It felt more like Cass was just trying to shrink down the number of guys in the Selection and thought “hey an easy way to eliminate two guys would be to make them gay”. As far as I know there were no hints throughout The Heir or The Crown that would have made this reveal make sense. It came out of the blue and then was basically tossed aside for other plot points. I think if it had been done better it would have worked for the story. Sorry for the long paragraph but I needed to get this part off my chest because it really bugged me.




Spoiler paragraph over, you are in the safe zone to continue reading!

Another part of the book that bugged me was that there was barely any one on one time between Eadlyn and the guys. She had a few one on one dates but they lasted about a page. I am obviously reading a book about a competition were a girl dates multiple guys to find her husband because I want to read about some romance. There was barely any romance aspect to this book. So by the end when she makes her choice and the two of them are saying I have loved you since day one and I love you so much blah blah blah it feels fake. Because once again you miss out on the actual development of their relationship.

Overall this book was way too rushed. I think even additional 50 pages made have made it much more better. It felt like Cass was tired of writing this series and just wanted to wrap everything up as quickly as possible causing the book to fall flat. If you read The Selection series just stick with the first three books, don’t worry about the last two.

Rating: 4/10


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