Never Always Sometimes


You may be asking yourself: “Fromjensbookshelf, why are reading books by the same authors in a row?” Well dear blog reader I have the answer for you! There is a young adult book festival coming up in a week and a half that I will be attending. Starting from The Forbidden Wish and on all of the books I have read are by authors who will be at this festival. I am just prepping myself to fangirl it up!

Having already known about Adi Alsaid (even though I hadn’t read his first book), I had done more background research on his newest book Never Always Sometimes. So I knew before it was even released that I would want this book as well.

Never Always Sometimes is about two best friends, Dave and Julia, who are seniors in high school and have been friends forever. Before they started high school they made a list of “Nevers”, things that were too cliche and that they would never do. That way they could remain original. However, when the last few months of their high school careers arrive they decide to do every item on the list which opens a whole new world to them.

I liked the idea of cliches. I personally am a fan of a few cliches here and there. I think they make life easy and fun. It is always fun to do something then think back on it later and go “Oh my gosh that was such a cliche of me!” Plus I think high school is the time for cliches. So I liked that idea in the book. It made it better that some of the cliches were a little different. Two of the items on the Nevers list were: Never dye your hair an unnatural color and Never be known by your lunch spot. People in my high dyed their hair all the time but never crazy colors. I think there were like two people who did that. So I though that was a fun type of cliche. The lunch spot one never struck me as a cliche just because it seems so natural that you have your spot you eat lunch at when you are in high school. But maybe that was just my own high school experience.

The ending of this book was pretty realistic which pleased me. If you have read my review of Let’s Get Lost you will know I felt the ending was too clean (and if you haven’t read it well now you know too). The ending of this book was pretty realistic. Everything was not perfect. Every relationship did not come out unscathed. While a lot of scenes in the book were not that realistic at least the ending was.

I did not really like Julia’s character though. She was not that likable in my opinion and honestly annoyed me most of the book. I felt like she was constantly holding Dave back from being friends with other people and expanding his comfort zone. He was scared to tell her stuff half the time because she would just make fun of it. Sure when you are friends with someone forever you can tease each other and pick on each other but her’s didn’t always feel like friends teasing. She achieved a little bit of character development by the end of the book but I was still annoyed with her for so much of the book it didn’t mean that much to me.

Overall though it was a fun read. Not as good as Let’s Get Lost but still fun to read.

Rating: 7/10


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