Hotel Ruby


This book was on my booklist to get my hands on the minute I heard about it. I was immediately intrigued by how it was going to play it out. It is the kind of book where you do not get a lot of information before you read the book. I stumbled upon a free ebook version of this book on the website Riveted. If you are a fan of young adult books then this is a good website for you to choose. They have about three or four free ebooks every month available for you to read. I saw that Hotel Ruby was available on there and so I started it. It expired in a few days so I did not expect to finish it but then I ended up finishing it in less than 24 hours.

Hotel Ruby by Suzanne Young follows the story of Audrey and her family’s stay at the Hotel Ruby. They were on their way to her grandma’s house where her dad was leaving her and her brother for the summer when they made a pit stop at the Hotel Ruby. While they stay there in a min vacation Audrey can’t help but notices strange things happening at the hotel and how weird the concierge is. Especially considering there is a party in the ballroom every night and Audrey is the only guest without an invite. She is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery but has to avoid the temptations of the hotel herself.

I really liked the storyline of the book. It reminded me of the Tower of Terror. This elegant and mysterious hotel, with of course the mystery of floor thirteen. The setting was perfect for this story. It was very creepy but at the same time I wanted to visit the Hotel Ruby. She did a great job of creating the creepy atmosphere that was almost too creepy to read but the need to know what was happening won over that and I kept on reading. This was the perfect setting for this story.

I did not really like the character development in this story. I felt like for most of the characters they were right on the brink of developing fully but never got that finally push. It made me feel a little disconnected from them for a lot of the book. Especially because then it was like in the last twenty pages BAM all of a sudden these characters were all different people and learned everything. I felt sort of like I had missed that part of the book. Their development was not done well enough that you got to see it happen. But it was so close.

The book was also a little predictable. I pretty much had the general plot line figured out by page 20. It was still intriguing enough to keep me reading the book. Plus I had a read a book that was kind of similar to it that I think that helped me figure it out. The ending was a little different than what I had expected but I basically had the big picture right.

Overall though the book was a fun and quick read that I would recommend if you are looking for that type of book.

Rating: 7/10


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