The Silent Wife


I have a problem of walking into a bookstore and seeing a display and decided I need every book on that display. That is how I stumbled across this book. I had been in a bookstore and saw a display for psychological thrillers, which I love, so I took a picture of the display. Then I went home and type up a list of all the titles so I could get some.

The Silent Wife is the story of Jodi and Todd and how their marriage is falling apart. You learn immediately that within a matter of months Jodi will be murdering Todd. The rest of the book is the build up to that moment as their marriage crumbles. Short summary but that really is the gist of the book.

I really liked that you know right away that Jodi is going to murder Todd. To me it is a very interesting technique because you spend the whole book wondering when it will happen. There are several moments throughout the book where you think “oh this has got to be it” and then it isn’t. It keeps you on your toes and builds a different sense of apprehension than most thrillers. Jodi has a very calm and cool veneer throughout the entire book and it feels like a ticking time bomb that you are waiting to go off and you know it will be bad when it does.

However, even though it had all that build up I still felt like the story was dragging along. It was pretty slow moving and there would be long rants about different psychology theories that I would find myself zoning out of. This book felt like the author was trying to show off their knowledge of psychology instead of moving the plot along. Going off of that there were a lot of flashback scenes of Jodi with her therapist discussing her brothers and her relationship with her brothers. I was not really sure what they had to do with anything but maybe that was because I was not putting enough thought into the book.

I also did not like either of the characters. Both Todd and Jodi got on my nerves so much. Jodi lived and breathed denial. She knew her husband cheated on her constantly and she just accepted it but still pretended like it wasn’t happening. Then Todd was just an idiot. He would do something stupid and then be surprised by his actions. Both of the characters were so unlikable to me that it made it hard to get into the story for most of the time.

That being said this was no the best thriller or book in general. If you are looking for a book that requires more thinking and analyzing this would be a great book for you. But if you just want a fun thriller skip this one of the shelf.

Rating: 4/10


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