Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls


This was a book I had such high hopes for. The cover is cool (if you haven’t caught on I am a sucker for a cool looking cover), the title is way eye catching (who wouldn’t be interested to find out what this book is about), and the plot was right up my ally of an entertaining read for Spring Break. However, it did not pull through for me unfortunately.

Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten is about June who, following winter break and the new year, finds out that her former best friend Delia had died and they are saying it is suicide. They are saying she locked herself in a shed and burned herself alive. Except at one point in time June and Delia had been so close that they would have done anything for each. Closer than family. So June knew that Delia would never have killed herself that way because she was terrified of fire. She begins a hunt to find out what really happened to Delia.

While this book was not my favorite book and there was a lot I did not like there was one thing I did like. The complexity of June and Delia’s friendship was so interesting. The book is mostly from June’s perspective in first person. However there were flashbacks to different points of June and Delia’s friend told in a third person point of view. The two of them had been unbelievable close with each other. They were more than just best friends. They were even more than family. They acted almost like lovers and you almost got the sense that they were at parts of the book even though June argued they weren’t. There were also some unhealthy aspects to their friendship that was interesting to see. It was almost a toxic relationship. It was something you do not see books deal with a lot and I liked that. It helps readers, most of whom are probably young girls, realize that friendships can be abusive and toxic too and it doesn’t have to be a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship to be abuse.

That being said that was probably all I really liked about the book. When the book was in third person it was leading up to an event that caused Delia and June to stop being friends, a year before Delia’s death. This even felt very anti-climactic to me. Especially given other factors in the book it felt like it shouldn’t really have caused the end of their friendship but teenagers are fickle. Then there was the plot twist. I won’t say what it was but it ruined the book for me. I was digging the mystery and hunt for the truth plot going on and then there was this plot twist that happened and I had absolutely no idea what was going on. Not even joking I was lost for the last half of the book and I only finished it so fast in hopes that there would be an explanation at the end. There sort of was I guess. Thinking back on it now I don’t really think it was an explanation. I think if you got two people who read the book together and asked them about it they might come up with different responses to what exactly was going on the second half of the book.

The characters all also became inconsistent in the 1/4 of the book. It was like you were meeting whole new characters but they were the same ones you had been reading about the whole book. They were just not acting like you would expect them to act based on the first 3/4 of the book. It was frustrating because it made everything even more confusing.

The book also moved really fast. Like within a matter of days probably for the first half and then after the plot twist maybe another week or so. I can’t be sure because again, I had no idea what was going on. The ending of the book, like the last three pages or so, was pretty good and that is probably the reason it go the half star was for the ending alone. But there were still so many loose ends and I was so frustrated with the second half of the book that it still didn’t even deserve that many stars in my eyes.

I definitely felt misled with the description of the book and what actually happened but that being said this is probably up some people’s alleys so if you still want to give the book a chance go for it. But this would probably not be a book I recommend for you to go out and buy.

Rating: 3.5/10


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