Daughter of Deep Silence


Hey everyone!!! Spring break was great and I finally have time to review all of the books I read over spring break. Prepare for 4 reviews in a row. So without further ado here we go: I remember reading about this book a couple months before it came out. The cover definitely drew me in first and then the plot pulled me in even further. However, like most books it sat on my bookshelf for a while. I tend to buy books and then leave them on my bookshelf for a while. I regret waiting so long to read this book though because it was.

Daughter of Deep Silence  by Carrie Ryan is about Francis who survived a devastating cruise ship accident when she was fourteen. Her and her best friend from the ship, Libby, were the only two to make it off the ship alive after men with guns took over and killed everyone before burning and sinking the ship. However, after 7 days of floating in a lifeboat Francis was the only one left alive. At least that is what she thought. Upon being rescued she finds out that the Senator and his son Greyson, the boy she had fallen in love with on the ship, had also survived. Only they were claiming that a rogue wave had caused the ship to capsize.Francis had seen some of the killers and knew they would soon be after her. So instead she takes Libby’s father’s offer and takes over Libby’s life. Now four years later she has decided to put a plan in motion to reveal the lie the Senator and Greyson had told.

I loved the plot of this book. It was so fast moving and action packed. It was hard for me to put down. I had 3 exams the week I started the book and so I only allowed myself a few moments to read it. It was a struggle to put this book down. Each chapter lead you further and further into this storyline. If you have ever seen the TV show Revenge, this book definitely has a similar feel to it. It will keep you turning pages to the point where you will have lost track of time.

I absolutely loved Francis’s character. This was by far one of the most complex character developments I have read. She had spent the first 14 years of her life living a certain way. Then she experienced an extremely traumatizing event where she witnessed multiple people die. Instead of being able to properly grieve for the loss of her family she took over the life of Libby. She fully committed herself to perfecting Libby’s personality to the point that Francis was completely lost. After spending four years in boarding school in Switzerland she finally came back to Libby’s home and seeing the Senator and Grey caused Francis to start resurfacing. It was so interesting to watch her struggle with her identity. For four years she had suppressed the Francis part of her personality and now she was struggling with trying to make everyone believe she was Libby. But she felt loss because she didn’t know if she was Francis or Libby anymore until she ended up realizing that she become a completely different person because both Francis and Libby were gone. It was different from the type of character development you typically see.

I did not really like the romantic subplot of the book. Francis and Grey had fallen in love during the short time on the cruise but once she found out he had lied about what had happened she chose revenge over her love for him. Her plot of revenge involved tricking Grey into falling in love with her. Of course though Grey was thinking he was falling in love with Libby but Francis was still falling back in love with Grey. It all felt a little forced to me. They just fell in love in a matter of days and it was kind of obnoxious. It felt kind of like she forgave him too easily too. Yes he was young and easily influenced because he was scared but he still lied about the deaths of hundreds of people, including her family and her friend, that shouldn’t have been forgiven so easily.

Overall though this book was a fun read. If you want an intense page turner then pick up this book!

Rating: 8/10


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