Trouble is a Friend of Mine


I don’t even remember how I came across this book. I think it was on one of the many pages I follow. I really liked the title of the book. So when it came out I went to the store and bought it. It has sat on my shelf for probably 6 months now. There have been other books catching my eye. When I finally picked this book up I read it in less than 24 hours. I started it at 9am and finished it at 6pm. It was that good.

Trouble is a Friend of Mine by Stephanie Tromly follows Zoe after her parents divorce and her transfer to a new school. She meets Phillip Digby, commonly known just as Digby, who annoys her at first as he does with everyone else. But as she gets wrapped up in his various schemes she realizes that he is not as bad as she thinks he is. Together, along with Digby’s friend Henry, they look into the disappearance of one of their classmates that may or may not have something to do with the disappearance of Digby’s own sister.

Even though the story is from Zoe’s perspective I absolutely loved Digby’s character. He was strange and obnoxious but still likable. The characters of Zoe and Henry both came across as realistic high school students. While they get into some strange situations thanks to Digby, they handle as you would expect a high schooler too. Pretty clumsily and awkward and not legally at all. In fact this book was filled with so many different characters that all just worked so perfectly together. There wasn’t a character I didn’t like. Even the bad guys.

The book is full of suspense and different twists and turns. You really feel like you are experiencing it as Zoe because you think she is doing something for one reason but then there is a twist and you are turned completely around but in a good way. I did not see the ending of the book coming at all. And I feel like when you read a lot of mystery type books you start to get a feel for the ending but this was a refreshing take on a mystery. It focused on some tough stuff but it was still so funny. I was laughing outloud at some parts.

Another part I really liked was Zoe and Digby’s relationship. Obviously when I started this book I assumed it would be the typical “boy meets girl and they fall in love” story line, but like this entire book was I wrong. Throughout the entire book all the way to the end you aren’t really sure what their relationship is. Tromly keeps you on your toes guessing if they like each and if they are just good friends. Them falling in love isn’t really the focus of this book and for that I am grateful. While there may or may not be some underlying feelings there is so much more going on that it doesn’t seem like something you need to focus on.

Overall, I loved this book so much. It was so refreshing and clever. This feels like a short review for me considering I loved this book but I don’t want to give too much away because I want you to be able to experience it how I did. It is hard to believe this is Tromly’s debut novel because her writing was fantastic. All I can say is that after the ending of the book I am really hoping for a sequel!

Rating: 10/10


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