Dangerous Lies

dangerousliesDangerous Lies has been on my list for a while for many reasons. The title was intriguing, the cover was cool (pretty sure I have already admitted to picking books because I like the cover) and the plot intrigued me. When I had purchased this book (spending all of my Christmas gift cards in one go) I go this book along with another book by Becca Fitzpatrick which was Black Ice.  I read Black Ice first and let me tell you I was glad I did. If you are looking at reading both Black Ice and Dangerous Lies make sure you read Black Ice first because I was definitely impressed with the improvement she made between the two.

Dangerous Lies follows the story of Stella Gordon who is the key witness in the murder trial of a notorious drug leader. Stella, along with her boyfriend Reed, and her mother are all taken and separated by the witness protection program. Stella gets sent to a small town in the middle of Nebraska where she is forced to live with a retired cop. Her boyfriend Reed is sent somewhere else and her mother, a drug addict, is sent to rehab. While spending the last 3 months before her 18 birthday in Nebraska she gets a job and meets boy named Chet. She struggles trying to balance who she was and who she now has to be.

This book does a good job of keeping you in suspense but also making you forget that you are reading a thriller type book. Fitzpatrick will distract you with Stella’s new life and you will almost forget that she is hiding in the witness protection program, just like Stella does, but then BAM something pulls you right in. There are a couple twists in this book that I will admit I did not see coming. There are also a few twists that I did see coming.

The ending feels a little bit more realistic in this book than her first book. My only problem is that I feel like she never gets closer with Reed. One of the aspects of Dangerous Lies is that Stella struggles with wanting to stay faithful to Reed, who she is not allowed to have contact with at all, and her growing feelings for Chet. But by the end of the book there is not a lot of resolution about what happens with Reed. This felt a little too happy go lucky for me so I would have liked to see more development there.

Stella herself shows a really good development though otherwise. She arrives as a grumpy 17 year old who didn’t want to leave her life and her friends. Which in my opinion is completely understandable. Who would want to be uprooted from the life they are used to. But as she spends time there she slowly starts to make friends and bond with her new foster mom Carmina while her mom is in rehab. It was really great to see Stella adjust and grow but in a realistic manner. She would still have points where she would break down and wish she had her old life back. I think witnessing her development was one of the best aspects of this book.

Rating: 9/10


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