Black Ice


Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick caught my eye based on the title. I was originally in the store for another book by her (Dangerous Lies) and I ended up buying this one as well. This story follows Britt Pfeiffer who has decided to hike the Teton Range with her best friend Korbie instead of going to Hawaii with their other two friends for spring break. The day they leave Britt is informed that her ex-boyfriend, also Korbie’s brother, Calvin is going to be accompanying them on the trip to keep and eye on them. On the way up to Korbie’s family cabin, Britt and Korbie hit a freak snow storm that causes them to be stranded on the road. They brace the cold to try and find shelter where they come up on another cabin. This is cabin is inhabited by two twenty year old guys that accept them in. Shortly after the two girls are taken hostage by the two guys, Shaun and Mason. Shaun informs them that they need to get off the mountain and want to use the girl’s knowledge of the mountain and hiking gear to get off. Britt is then faced with the challenge of keeping both her and Korbie alive and leading their two captives off the mountain.

This is a great read if you are looking for a thriller but you don’t want to read anything too dark. While Britt’s character faces some difficult scenes they are not written in a way that would be too rough for younger readers. One thing I really liked about this book was Britt’s development as a character. She wasn’t the most likable character at the beginning of the book but as she was faced with her difficult situation she was forced to adapt and in the end her character became a stronger person. Her character was used to relying on the men in her life, her dad, her brother, and Calvin, to take care of her and that was a little annoying for me. However as she was stuck on the mountain as a hostage the only person she could rely on was herself and you could really see her character develop and realize that she could take care of herself. Britt’s relationship with one of her captives, Mason, is a very interesting one and I felt like it was rushed that Fitzpatrick didn’t get to fully develop it to the extent that it deserved. Because of this rushed relationship I wasn’t too happy with the ending. It felt like it was too rushed for what Britt had gone through and I wished she had developed it just a little more to make it work better.

The book was a little predictable for me. I was able to guess at the ending about halfway through the book. I wasn’t 100% certain on it but I had a good feeling as to what would happen. So if you are used to reading trickier thrillers that keep you guessing around every corner don’t expect that from this book. While there are some surprises I didn’t see coming the overall ending was not much of a surprise. Otherwise this book was a pretty good read. The setting was a great background for suspense. Who else wouldn’t be stressed out in a snowstorm in the middle of the forest. It was really interesting seeing how the different characters handled their situation. If you are looking for a light thriller I think this would be a good book for you.

Rating: 8/10


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