The Accident Season


I remember reading about The Accident Season by Moira Fowley-Doyle on one of the many book pages I follow on Facebook months ago. It instantly caught my attention and I was eagerly waiting for it to be published. Once I finally it read it I was no disappointed. This book follows 17-year-old Cara Morris who, along with her family, experience the accident season every October. These accidents range anywhere from bumping in the corner of a counter to death and each year is different. Cara’s best friend Bea uses tarot cards and sees that this accident season is going to be the worst one yet for Cara and her family. The two girls along with Sam, Cara’s ex-stepbrother, and Alice, her older sister decide to finally get down to the bottom of the secrets their mother is hiding while finding out they are all hiding secrets along the way.

This book was so hauntingly beautiful. There were so many aspects about the book that stuck with me. Each character was just written so amazingly well and the settings were beautiful. There is an aspect of magic in the book however you are always left to wonder each time if it really was magic or their imagination. So many lines in the book were written so beautifully that they stuck with me even after it was finished. It was written almost in a lyrical fashion. This is the type of book that keeps you up until 2:00 am because you need to know how it ends. There was such a great balance between reality and fantasy which I think is not an easy task to take up. There is also almost a horror aspect to the book. Some of the scenes were written so real I thought ghosts might pop up in my room. So keep in mind this book can seem a little freaky if you are reading it at midnight all alone. This is her first book she has published and I cannot wait until she writes more. If you are looking for a new author than this is the book to read!

Rating: 10/10


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  1. J brown says:

    This book has gotten such good reviews but I was not a fan! Didn’t you find it frustrating they didn’t really explain much?


    1. In a way yes. I don’t always like when the author’s don’t explain everything but I felt like it was kind of fitting for the book. I think the author pulled it off well enough in my opinion that is was able to work. But I have definitely had that frustration before with other books!


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