The Spectacular Now


You know when you read a book that leaves you unsure of how you felt about it? You know you liked it for the most part but there is still something that is just making you think if you really truly liked the book. It makes you reconsider everything you read in the book over and over and over again until you decide if you actually liked the book or not. Well The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp is that kind of book. This book follows main character Sutter Keely who is really one heck of a character. His girlfriend dumps him and his best friend starts dating a girl resulting in less time spent with Sutter. So after one wild night Sutter wakes up to see a shy girl from his school named Aimee. Sutter then makes it his mission to help Aimee become less shy and more assertive and the book follows their journey through their senior year of high school.

So like I said earlier I spent several days contemplating how I felt about this book. It was written so well and the characters were all written so well that I love those aspects. However, so the actions of the characters bugged me. Sutter explained all his actions by saying he was doing it for Aimee’s benefit but I really didn’t feel like they all benefitted her. That’s what I had been thinking about for the few days since I’ve finished the book. I kept going over the different things Sutter did to build Aimee’s confidence and wondering whether they really helped her. I think in the end Aimee turned out happy but was it worth all the things that he did? Sutter complained about how all of his past girlfriends tried to change him into their idea of the perfect boyfriend. Then he goes and starts trying to change Aimee into his idea of who she should be. I think there was supposed to be a similarity in this so he would learn a lesson but in my opinion he never learned the full lesson, he only learned part. After all of my thinking though I came away with the decision that I did like the book. On a plus note the movie with Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley was fantastic!

Rating: 9/10


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