We Were Liars


We Were Liars by E. Lockhart was a book I’ve had on my shelf since March and one that I had been meaning to read since it was first published. I finally finished it almost two weeks ago and I am now FINALLY writing the review! This book follows Cadence Sinclair and here fabulously wealthy family The Sinclairs. Every summer her family goes onto an island that her Grandfather owns. There Cadence spends the summer with her cousins and her mom’s sisters. She starts off right away letting you know that during the Summer Sixteen (as her and her cousins call it) she had an accident and does not remember anything about it or most of the summer. Because of her accident she was not allowed on the island for the following summer but was able to convince her mother to let her go for the Summer Eighteen. While she is there she is trying to remember what exactly happened during the Summer Sixteen that no one will talk to her about. The ending was a twist that I can say I did not expect. I will not spoil it for you so all I can say is read this book. You will finish it in one day like I did.

The book was fast paced and well written. At first when I started the book I was a little concerned I would not like her writing style. Parts of the book are written almost like a free verse poem. However once I figured out how to read it I loved it! It made the whole story feel whimsical. This was another book that I had the opportunity to meet the author and listen to her discuss her book on a panel. She mentioned how fairy tales were an inspiration for this book and you can get the sense of that from just her writing style alone. Another part of the book I really liked was how her main character Cadence liked to write fairy tales. There were maybe four short fairy tales written in the book that helped give clues to what may have happened. It was a fun way to try and figure out what it was Cadence did remember. Overall the book was so much better than I expected! This books is great if you love books like Gone Girl and you’re looking for something a little quicker to read.

Rating: 10/10

PS she told to lie about this book…so I’ll leave that for you to figure out. Did I lie or was the review truthful?



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