The Fever


The Fever by Megan Abbott was the second book by her that I have read. It was amazing! It is about a high school girl and her family that live in a small town. Her best friend one day has a strange medical attack and the doctor’s cannot figure out what is wrong with her. Soon all the girls in the school are experiencing similar symptoms. The town slowly starts going into a witch hunt to find the cause. Abbott manages to keep you on the edge of your seats through out the entire book. She leads you on this crazy race to try and figure out the cause of this mystery illness. I promise not to give away the ending but trust me when I say you will be so surprised! I never once saw it coming the entire book. That is what I love about her writing. She can write a suspenseful novel without dropping hints that give it all away. In the end you are left just completely shocked and trying to figure out if she had clued you in at all through out the book.

Another thing I love about her writing is how realistically she writes her characters. It’s not easy to create a realistic high school girl in a book or movie. In my opinion most people tend to make them more like a character and less like a person. Abbott does not do this. Her characters seem more like she sat in a small town and just observed high schoolers and then put them in her book instead of just creating them on her own. That’s how realistic they came across to me. There was the popular girl that all girls wanted to be like, but she wasn’t your typical popular girl. She was just this girl that the other girls thought had a great fashion sense and cool attitude and wanted to be like her. Unlike the popular girl usually portrayed, this girl did not care about her “followers”. She was fine with the friends she had and fine just doing her thing. The main character’s brother was not the typical heartthrob playboy the star athlete is usually portrayed as. It was interesting seeing this stereotypes made as something a little more realistic than just the stereotype. This book was so amazing and I highly recommend her books to anyone looking for a good suspenseful read.

Rating: 10/10


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