The Astronaut Wives Club


This was my first time reading this kind of  book. I have read one autobiography before and I enjoyed it (Wild by Cheryl Strayed excellent book as well!). So I decided to go out on a whim and try this book. Also the television show was about to start and I hate watching a movie or TV show and not having read the books. So I read The Astronaut Wives Club and let me just say it was such an entertaining experience!

I was not expecting to fall in love with these women. I also was not expecting to relate to some of the things they were going through. Lily Koppel managed to blend history, facts, and the stories of these women into a wonderful book. I did have a favorite wife throughout the book and that was Betty Grissom (she is also my favorite on the show). If you read the book, or even watch the show, you’ll know why! She was just a happy and animated character throughout the book. Even when tragedy struck. Let me tell you (without spoilers!) tragedy does occur in this book. Koppel does such a fantastic job of making you feel like you have known these women your whole life, that you cannot help but feel for them. You’ll celebrate at the launch parties and feel jealous when the new competition arrives or even when they compete against each other. My only critique would be that it did not focus on the original wives as much as I had expected and would have liked.

Rating: 9/10


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  1. Robyn says:

    Hey Jen! I love this blog! I’m watching this show and love it. I definitely will be adding this book to my shelves. Also, is there anyway to follow this blog or just see when you post on FB?


    1. Hey Robyn! I love the show too and I am glad you are liking my blog!! I think there should be a way to follow it. I have gotten notifications that people have started following so I think there must be a way to do it. I am not sure though… I am still learning the website!!


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