Finding Paris


Finding Paris  is a teen fiction book by the author Joy Preble. I know they say “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but I’ll admit the cover is what intrigued me about this book. However, don’t let the title fool you! This book is not about the city Paris, in fact it takes place in Las Vegas. It is about a girl named Leo who has an older sister named Paris. One night Paris decides to disappear and leaver Leo clues on where to find her. Leo then goes on this adventure across Las Vegas all night to try and find her sister. Worry not though she does not do this alone! She is accompanied by a boy named Max. So yes there is a romance in the story.

This book was a light easy read for me. Especially considering I had read some heavier (I guess that is the opposite of a light read) books previous to it. It only took me a couple days to finish it. Although I will admit that it was more of a “I just want to finish this book” instead of a “I can’t book this book down!” attitude when reading it. Not to say the book was a horrible book. The characters were likeable. I especially liked them because they were into science and used nerdy science jokes throughout the book. Watching the new relationships develop in the book was fun. The relationship between Max and Leo was very entertaining throughout the entire book. It was also fun to try and guess the clues with Leo. My only problems with the books were that it seemed a little long for it’s plot. There were a few points within the last one hundred or so pages that I felt the book could have ended. When the book did reach the climax and reveal some surprises I will have to say I was a little confused. I spent a lot of time trying to see how the book had reached that point. It didn’t feel like a clean ending to me. I felt like the way things got explained barely matched up with how things were in the beginning of the book. However, that could just have been me so I say still give this book a chance. It is a fun quick read if you want a book like that. Plus it also has a great message at the end.

Rating: 7/10


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